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United Arab Emirates



Dubai Youth Hub, Emirates Tower Boulevard, Trade Centre 2

1st & 2nd October, 10 AM - 6 PM

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The Local Conference of Youth in the UAE (LCOY UAE) will be a platform for youth across the Emirates to come together and discuss the best ways to solve the UAE's most pressing issue: climate change.

This will be done by way of a couple elements: speakers, panelists, Q&As, activities, and competitions. The LCOY UAE organising team has reached out to a range of different speakers from a range of different chosen industries to come and speak for 7-10 minutes about climate change mitigation in their industries, and suggested policies speed up the process.

In addition to these speaking slots, along with our registration link, we have attached the application for a role that goes by the name "panelist", in which a range of youth around the UAE can sign up for their favourite industry and discuss amongst one another more strategies of solving climate-related issues in the UAE, in their chosen industry. This panel will then be followed up by questions asked by the audience to build onto the argument given by the panelists.

Aside from this, we also have an innovation, visual arts, and poetry and writing competition in order to engage all our participants, as well as available activities to do, as offered by our supporting organisations, such as the Emirates Environmental Group.

Discussion from this platform will then contribute to our submission of the policy document, which will be promptly handed to international youth organisations like YOUNGO and UN1FY to contribute into the ladder of events taking place before COP27.

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Dubai Youth Hub, Emirates Tower Boulevard, Trade Centre 2

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