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LCOY Canada

Zoom (Online)

21st & 22nd October

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LCOY Canada 2022 will be held on Friday, October 21 and Saturday, October 22.

The two-day conference will involve keynote speeches, workshops, presentations, and panel discussions surrounding the 4 themes of LCOY Canada inaugural conference: Biodiversity, Extreme weather events, Building sustainable communities and local action, and Climate Justice. From these sessions, the Organizing Team will compile the highlights and perspective of youth into the LCOY Canada 2022 Output statement. Being the inaugural conference, the perspective we are bringing to the conference is to meet each other for the first time, engage in each other’s work, and show youth the work they can begin after the conference.

LCOY Canada has developed a strategy to involve youth-led entities across the country with aim to achieve a partnership with youth-led entities in each of these four affiliation categories: Indigenous, High School, University, and Community. To reach out to youth in general, we will be approaching the top 10 largest public-school boards in every Canadian province and territory, along with networks that unite the private school system.

LCOY Canada has invited a wide group of stakeholders including youth from across Canada, universities, community organizations, and industry representatives to be a part of this year’s conference. By everyone contributing their perspective and skills in the pursuit of cooperation, LCOY Canada will be able to produce a well-encompassing and specific Output document to be included in the GYS, in addition we'll be able to reinforce the perspective and calls to action of Canadian youth within our own provincial and federal governments by being an assembled group of youth and youth-led entities from across not only the nation, but industries, working approach, and climate action goals.

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