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LCOY India 2021

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The overarching theme for this year's Local Conference of Youth was ‘Youth Action for Restoration Solutions’ including both the subject of ‘Youth’ and ‘Environment restoration’ and how the two can come together to combat climate change and revive the environment.

LCOY India 2021, was attended by around 50 (35+ consistent) participants from all over the country, with the number of registered participants being around 155+. It was attended by prominent guest speakers associated with CEE and YOUNGO working groups from all over the world.
The first day of the event was focused on learning and gaining insights to the realm of climate change, where various young speakers as well as climate policy experts shared their understanding in varied topics ranging from Global Climate Policy, Paris Agreement, COP26, Understanding UNFCCC, Role and processes of YOUNGO, Action for Climate Empowerment and numerous youth forums to engage, importance of youth participation in climate change processes as well as a session on Use of Social Media for Climate Action.

The second day of the conference was all about peer discussions, intellectual conversations and devising recommendations. A session was particularly dedicated to share the stories of youth actions to devise restoration solutions, where we selected the best ones to feature in our event from all the ones received via registrations. There were zoom breakout rooms for participants to discuss on the four pre-decided themes to devise restoration- skill building, policy, education and partnership with community. This was followed by a presentation of the discussion points and later a round of recommendations on general themes of climate change. The day ended with a fun activity round of Elevator pitch where young participants were given topics to speak on in limited time and the best one was awarded with a souvenir.



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